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Created in Italy in 1850 and with a background of over 70 years in the country, Gancia has become number one brand in spirits in Argentina. Its flagship product –Americano Gancia- is an aperitif manufactured with more than 15 herbs imported from different continents which are mixed with sugar to obtain a balanced, genuine and incomparable drink. Its secret recipe was created in Italy in 1930, and its formula and components have been kept intact up to now.

Although Gancia is currently known by its aperitifs, the origins of the brand date back to the Italian Piedmont, where its founder, Carlo Gancia elaborated the first sparkling wine created outside of France. Inspired in the production techniques used for the elaboration of the French champagne, the Gancia family made a mark by creating the “Prosecco”, which would over time be known all over the world.

The elaboration processes respect the original Italian style and its demanding and exhaustive care in the selection of the highest quality and purity raw materials.

Gancia is a true representative of the cutting edge innovation which connects Argentinians with their Italian and European roots.

Today in Argentina, the family of Gancia products consists of: Americano Gancia, Gancia Spritz and the sparkling wines Gancia Italian Dolce and Gancia Italian Secco.

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  • Americano Gancia.

    Americano Gancia is an aperitif featured by the presence of herbal and citrus flavors combined with those of white wine and alcohol. The bitter flavor of herbs is mixed with the sweetness of sugar, thus achieving an amiable and pleasant beverage, well balanced and of great personality. The distinctive feature of this drink is that it goes beyond the frontiers of an aperitif, as it may also be drunk in the evening as a cocktail. Its value lies in its versatility as it may be used for different cocktails, at any time and on any occasion.

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    Americano gancia

    • - Americano Gancia is an aperitif elaborated from a secret formula made up of a selection of herbs originate from 5 continents. Among its natural ingredients, we can point out the presence of sweet orange peel, Ceylon cinnamon and the Angelica from the Balkans, just to mention a few.
    • - In its composition we can also find cane alcohol, high quality neutral cereal, white sugar and a small portion of white wine from Mendoza, that provides body and its part of a tradition and heritage. Visually it shows itself of a pale yellow with greenish highlights.
    • - Its aroma is intense and has lots of personality, with strong herbal and citric notes, where the orange stands out.
    • - Its taste is sweet at first, with a medium body and a long and complex ending where the herbs can be tasted again, leaving a hint of bitterness that stimulates the papillae and favors appetite.
  • Gancia Spritz.

    Gancia Spritz shows an appealing dusk color. Fresh, orange, with the energy of Italy and its graceful elegance.

    Gancia Spritz is a product based on herbs and citrus flavors (oranges), soft, sweet and at the same time slightly bitter. It is ideal to combine both with other alcoholic beverages and with non-alcoholic beverages.

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    GANCIA Spritz

    Gancia Spritz is an aperitif based on herbs, oranges and citrus aromas, of medium alcoholic degree (11°).

    • - Herbs are imported from Italy and other cities in the world.
    • - It is ideal to prepare cocktails and its characteristic drink is the Spritz, although it may also be drunk with orange juice, soda water or with ice only.
    • - The Spritz is the latest trend in Europe.
  • Spumantes Gancia.

    Gancia Sparkling wines, Italian Secco and Italian Dolce, are the highest expression of Italian style sparkling wines from the Piedmont region.
    Fresh and easy to drink, with fine and persisting bubbles, ideal to create cocktails and taste countless mixtures or to drink them chilled on its own.

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    Gancia Italian Dolce


    100% Torrontés Riojano

    Gancia Italian Dolce is a sparkling wine that with the effect of light shows a silvery grey color. It has an excellent perlage. In the nose, it offers fruit aromas, such as pineapple, peach, passion fruit, acacia flowers and honey. In the mouth it is long, fresh and with a very good balance among acidity, sugar and alcohol.

    It is ideal to prepare cocktails
    or to drink chilled on its own.

    Gancia Italian Secco


    40% Viognier – 25% Chennín
    25% Chardonnay – 10% Ugni Blanc

    Gancia Italian Secco is a greenish yellow sparkling wine. It has an excellent perlage. In the nose, it offers fruit aromas, such as pineapple, peach, acacia flowers, honey and yeast (freshly-baked bread). In the mouth, it is long, fresh and with a very good balance among acidity, sugar and alcohol.

    It is ideal to prepare cocktails
    or to drink chilled on its own.

  • Gancia Red Bitter.

    Gancia remake a classic Buenos Aires bar with more than 50 years and added Artemisia absinthium . The Red Bitter is a herbal blend , with citrus notes and wormwood , which retrieves the original Italian recipe by adding a precise twist of modernity.

    It has 30 % alcohol , and is ideal for combining with orange juice.

    REDiscovered a classic!

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    Gancia Red Bitter.

    Red Bitter Gancia is a bitter appetizer features made ​​from specially selected herbs, with an alcohol content of (30°).

    • Its formula is a perfect blend of herbs combined with citrus notes and Artemisia absinthium - the main ingredient of absinthe - which gives uniqueness and exquisite taste , intense and spicy.
    • The bitter character is provided by a unique blend of gentian, quassia and orange peel , among others.
    • Ideal to mix with orange juice and ice.


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